Gender Matters is the “go to” site for parents, educators, employers and employees, journalists, and policy makers, who want to know the real facts about gender issues. Our reporting covers peer-reviewed scientific studies, reviews by qualified experts, and books and publications by reputable authors.

penheadGender Matters is especially critical today when the roles of women and men in our society are changing fast, and fierce debates about gender are brewing everywhere, from schools to the family to the workplace. Scientifically sound information is crucial to assure that policies and practices are in line with the most reliable data available.

penheadLoud voices proclaim that we've gone too far, that by nature women and men are vastly different and therefore suited for very different roles in society. It's a trendy idea, embraced by the media, hyped by authors of bestselling books, and used to bolster the audiences for national conferences and presentations. Ideas coming from members of this camp have for too long gone unchallenged. They often use the language of science to cloak an absence of serious research. Some are built on tenuous studies, with methodological flaws and narrow margins of significance. More and more, they are simply coating old-fashioned stereotypes with a veneer of scientific credibility. Gender Matters will challenge false gender-related narratives and expose bad science.

penheadBut other strong voices have a different message: while there are certainly biological differences between the sexes, cultural forces are the major factor shaping expectations, behavior, achievement and aspirations. Proponents of this view point to credible, peer-reviewed research to make their case. Unfortunately, they often go unheard.

Gender Matters is the place for those who want to seek out an unbiased reporting on the evidence.

Authors’ Note: If the content of a particular study is relevant to several topics, it will be cited on all the pertinent pages.



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